cheese stromboli

This meat and cheese-filled will feed a crowd! cheese stromboli, salami, provolone, and mozzarella in pizza dough. Easy to make, easy to share.


The perfect cheese stromboli can be made at home with a few simple ingredients, including pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, sweet Italian sausage, and your favorite pizza toppings. If you love the flavor of oregano, add a sprinkle to the inside before rolling up.

Begin by unrolling your dough and spreading it out into a rectangle shape about 12 inches x 10 inches.

What is Stromboli?

cheese stromboli

A type of Italian sandwich, a stromboli is an Italian-American delicacy consisting of pizza dough or bread dough filled with various ingredients such as cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables. It is an Italian-American invention from the 1950s, apparently named for the movie “Stromboli”, which was on the silver screen at the time. There is even an actual place called Stromboli; It is a volcanic island off the northern coast of Sicily.

How to make stromboli?

vegetarian stromboli recipe

Start with dough from your favorite local pizzeria or supermarket – or make your own! Roll it out and add layers of salami, ham, tomato, vegetables mozzarella, and provolone. I like to temper all this richness with capers and some peppadews (which are hot and slightly spicy pickled red peppers that you can find at most grocery store salad bars or buy in a jar).

I usually roll out the dough on parchment paper, which I use to help me roll the dough and all the layers of meat and cheese into a log. Then I lift the parchment on both sides—like a sling—and set it on a baking sheet. Bake the stromboli until golden brown cut them into colorful slices, and serve hot.

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