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Green Angel Hair with Garlic Butter + The keepers of the kitchen are here!

Today my third cookbook, Smoked Kitchen Keepers, comes out, and thank goodness it’s done It’s impossible to keep it away from you for so long,

It seems downright unfair that I figured out how to make the best molasses cookie ever—thick, tender, but one bowl, no hand-mixer required, the kind that leaves your whole house smelling like the holidays is – and you’re only discovering about it today. My favorite pot roast is up there; Sometimes I add the rice shortly before it’s done for a one-pot meal-of-a-braise that seems perfect for this cold weeknight. There’s a hot hoagie that’s practically a vegetarian cheesesteak. The most perfect chocolate chip cookie I could dream up is (it has salted walnut brittle inside). A deep-dish, real doorstop to the Broccoli Cheddar Quick that serves a crowd and egg salad just for us. The easiest three-layer chocolate party cake that could ever exist is filled with salt-filled milk chocolate buttercream and is designed to fit in the bottom of a shopping bag so you can take it with you everywhere. What I suggested you do with cabbage (salt, vinegar, and char it) is a crazy thing, cause the craziest thing you can do with cabbage (eats it standing up from the pan). There are cream cheese and jam challah buns that make me think of my dad and a pound cake that I hope might be worth the cover price alone.

They are all, to me, keepers—the kind of recipes you make and know right away you want to be a part of your repertoire forever. For 17 years on this site, I’ve paid close attention to what happens when we’re in the kitchen and learned everything I can about making shopping easier, cooking more reliable, and tastier, try to implement it. , Because if you hate making recipes—if the process was stubborn and you’ve dirtied every bowl in your kitchen—it barely matters if the result was supernatural, you’re going to survive. And I want these to be recipes that you love making.

And then there’s Green Angel Hair with Garlic Butter, a perfectly tangled-covered dish that’s as good as a party snack. Some New Year’s Eve, I set out to make my case for the return of a whole roasted head of garlic, except that instead of roasting the garlic with a drizzle of olive oil, I used a stick of butter. (“Whoops!”) used. ), roasted it for the better part of an hour, blended it smooth, and spread it on pieces of bread did you know, I even made cheese soup that night? And beef wellington? (The theme was old-school decadence.) Neither of those recipes made the impression that Roasted Garlic Butter did.

But what if you want to bring garlic butter into your life on weekdays? And isn’t the crostini and sparkly cocktail Tuesday in your life as much in need of improvement? Well, then, you should take this garlic butter and mix it with a bag of spinach until the garlic butter turns brilliantly green, and serve it with spaghetti topped with black pepper and sharp pecorino cheese. Toss along, for not only one of the best things ever made for dinner but also the recipe you least expect to see: Make it once make it forever. Remember

The Smitten Kitchen Keepers Book Tour: It starts this evening. I’ll be signing books at Fish Eddy’s in Manhattan from 5-7 pm and I hope to see you there. (There will be cookies! And fizzy drinks!) Every other event – Atlanta Thursday! Union Square Greenmarket This Saturday! Toronto next week! And so, much more! – is listed on the Events page, and more are added every week, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements of New Jersey and Vancouver events. I hope to see you on tour! I hope we can hang out eventually.

Comment: Smoked Kitchen Keepers Cookbook images — a first collage of cover, book recipe, and top photo in this post — styled by Barrett Washburn. (Drawn by me, Deb Perelman, as are all photos on the site and in my books.)

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